Why CO

We spend most of our careers sitting in offices, working the 9-5 grind. And when we finally break free, there's nowhere to set up shop without feeling restricted again. We try working from home, but spend more time running errands and playing with the cat than working. We look around for spaces that don't remind us of the office, but nothing feels right.

They are either too officey, too uptight or actually...not a coworking space at all.

Been there? So have we!

That's why we came back to square one and decided we'd create our ideal work space. A space where we could work in a casual environment, but also turn to someone like us sitting next to us and initiate a conversation for a collaboration. A space where after hours of working, one could take a break, go to a corner and nap for a battery recharge. And when we felt hungry, could have a solid meal for a price that suited our budget.

We knew there were more like us out there; the free spirited designers, the inspiration needing writers, the new entrepreneurs or anyone who needs a work space. We knew they too were looking for such a space.

That's why CO!

What’s CO

Say no to the office. Say no to high rent. Say no to no bijli. Say no to generator expenses. Say no to the tea boy being absent. Say no to the printer not working. Say no to a cubicle. Say no to pin drop eery silence. Say no to solo brainstorming. Say no to tea breaks ONLY twice a day. Say no to boring office khana. Say no to slow internet. Say no to working like a robot. Say NO to work feeling like work.

Say YES to CO.

CO is the closest thing you’ll get to working from home… with great company and without ammi’s errands.

Why don’t we actually want to work from home? Our comfort zones tend to take us for granted; running to the market for eggs, driving the sibling to tuitions, accompanying the electrician as he works on that tricky wiring and having to sit with the unannounced guests. And what with the constant reminders of chores we should get done since we’re at home, the work gets too many breaks.

That’s where CO comes in. We wanted to create a space where you get the comfort of home and the pleasure of company without the obligation of actually having to interact. Unless you want to!

What's Happening

There's always something going on at CO. When it's not you working and connecting with people, it’s all of us attending the inspiring, fun and interesting events we host, because why should the weekends go to waste? Sometimes we’ll make plans; we’ll bring you art & photography exhibitions, talks, panel discussions, screenings, music performances and even open mic nights. And if you've got some ideas, we’re open to those too.

BUT if there are no plans for the weekend, we can just go back to COworking. At CO we not only want to be a platform for your creativity to foster, but also a place where you can build your COmmunity while having fun. We want the weekends to be open for our and your friends who aren't members to come in and see what we’re all about. Let them drop in, have a look around, sit and have a cup of coffee… or just catch up on some work.

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While we aim to host a variety of events for CO, our space is also available for COrporate or COmmunity events that are suited to a COzy yet fully equipped space like ours. So if you're having an away day to brainstorm some creative campaigns, trying to plan some kick ass way forward strategies, want to host a small ceremony, planning a gig for your band, or any other event that you feel strongly about, we're the place for you. Just write in to us for information regarding dates and rates and we'll try to make it happen!

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We’d love to know more about you. Send us a short video introducing yourself and what you’re all about.

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Hi! We're open for business. Let's CO!

Our one time only sign up fee is Rs.5000/-
Individual fee Rs.15,000/- monthly
For startups, email us for our Startup-packages.

Yes. Guests dropping by for a visit are free. If your guest would like to work at CO for the day they can avail the day pass for Rs. 1000/-

Above Sattarbuksh Cafe
Swiss Cottages 1, F73/1 Clifton Block 4, Karachi, Pakistan-75400

We’re going to be heading to Lahore and Islamabad soon.

Our timings are 9am-9pm